A biscuit or two

Hey there, there it is. Its a biscuit. A biscuit that allows you to become who you want to be and allows your body to deliver the goods. When there is a better way to live, why wouldn’t you accept it?

When there isn’t a way out of the situation, why wouldn’t you accept it? Because we want bigger and better, we want to do it large. We want to create things that are beyond our scope of purpose. Because once we get there, we want to continue onwards to this. And once we get there, we get to tell stories to everyone. We have cracked the code. Once the code is cracked, we can finally get out of here. We have it all. We would become ephemeral, we would become kings in a mansion of traitors and failures.

But then what? See, what is the difference between a cookie and a biscuit? Some prefer one over the other.

Similarly, what’s the difference between enlightenment and being normal? Some would prefer one. That is all. That is all that your biscuits are worth. Preference.

photo credit: IMG_4110 via photopin (license)



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