A sadness for years

A general sadness feels like love and romance on a rocky beach. It affects everything, until you sit on the stones and watch the river. Its almost as good as writing fiction on vacation, and other times it feels like dressing up for the gala with no one to show up for. Much a-sadness about nothing. This is essentially why we use voice to express and communicate ourselves. We use it in doubt, we use it in sales, we use it to deliver lines of hail and rain. We have it right here, but we don’t really pick it up. See you can choose any order to communicate that sadness, but you only fear repercussions. Fear of judgement feels like you’re being choked, while fear of lemons turning into lemon mush is what keeps you demotivated to do anything. Like a long line, but the cashier is never coming back and your groceries are turning into mush. See that sadness for what it is, and solve it. Or not. In any event have fun in life and enjoy it. Remember to do that as much as you can, until you forget it. In which case, its hilarious. You forgot how to have fun in life – isn’t that a laughing riot. Its a funny funeral at the end of the death bed. You’re alive here and now, but you’re dying to the sound of music that feels death-threatly and ends up being you – the you you think you are. Sad and lonely. Sad and shonely.



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