Is there an AfterLife?

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No. Not in the way that you would think an after-life would be. A heaven is simply a better earth. Therefore, a heaven may or may not be the final frontier. Similar to how earth is not “supposedly” the final frontier. Even Hell, is just a step below Earth – if you believe in these things. Now the “after-life”. The after-life can either be one of two things – a experience (like earth) or no experience ( the opposite). Anything else, can’t be comprehended by the Human Mind (which itself is bound in this world of experience). So therefore, if there is a “life” after death, it would either be in experience ( or consciousness) or it would be in no experience (often confused with non-living). See, a rock on earth is not experiencing an experience, one could argue. But if you kick it, it experiences motion. The atoms inside of it are knocking and avoiding each other, and therefore experiencing something – call it chaos if you want.

Now, a life of no-experience. If this happens after death, then what is the point of creating this universe to begin with? If we’re all going to complete darkness after the universe, then what is the point of creating the “experience” of the universe. AHA! Is it so that we understand that there could be a universe without an experience, or a universe where nothing would be there? See, if we said that there is no life, or no experience, or no consciousness, we are contradicting it against the existence of one. Therefore, both need each other to define themselves. You wouldn’t know what life was, unless it was contrasted against death or voidness. You wouldn’t know what experience was, if you didn’t know what no-experience was (death). So yes! There could be chances of us then going to something that seems like nothing.

But the romantic idea that we are going to get something when we get there, may or may not make sense. We would be kidding ourselves into thinking that the after-life holds secrets or gardens or virgins or what not. We would only delay the process of eventual realization that we realized nothing in the end. 😀

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