An empty playground


This is when your heart becomes empty and the swings don’t swing anymore. Fear of catching rust, its decided to stop swinging from side to side. Its chosen to upset itself and curb its enthusiasm for life by limiting its experiences to one thing – Do life. We constantly spend a large chunk of our time, hoping that no body outbids us or competes directly with us, in the hopes of returning one day to our own true self of pure joy and exhilaration. But alas, that day may never come. And this is why we don’t enjoy our experience today and now. We simply decide to do what’s right and never focus on the wrong and as questions – why?

Why do we have to do what we’re doing right now? Why do we constantly need to keep doing this and that? Why can’t we continue to do the things we love and try to achieve greatness in our minuscule existence? Why do we restrain ourselves while manipulating the very things that can’t hold us down in the first place. Save, return and invest in a thing that you enjoy. Truly enjoy. Forget what the critics say, forget what your mind says – understand that this life is once and done. And if we could all say things after our death, it probably around the lines of – let me be free and I should have done that thing that I wanted to do. Or I should have changed society in the way that I wanted to do. Etc. etc.

You don’t need much to get started. You just need to grease the wheels and get going. You can do fun things that you like to do and you can get out there and make it happen. Failure is the stepping stone and the pillar that guards success behind it. You gotta knock on the door sometimes, and sometimes you gotta wait until someone opens the door for you. Or other times, you gotta knock the door down because you feel its right.

We hold ourselves down, others hold us down, and our own mind predicts what others will hold us down by. So what makes us special and unique then, if we’re all just doing the same things that others are doing? What can make you motivated enough to finally take action and enjoy this experience of life?




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