Anoop – Thou art Incomparable

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You are incomparable.

1) You are living in comparisons, as you label things as good or bad. E.g. -> tall – good, short – bad, day – good, night – bad (sometimes they are reversed), healthy – good, unhealthy – bad. All your life is through comparisons. But not today. Today you see the game for what it is. Incomparable as everything is one.

2) You survive onwards and you become it. You become nothingness and you become incomparable, as you become everyone and everything. I love me and I love everything. Because me and everything is the same thing. You can’t define me, and you can’t define the other (your environment).

You are incomparable.

Everything is just a mirror when you compare yourself with others.


photo credit: CNNDACH via photopin cc



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