Is there an answer to “What is life”?

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Yes. What is life is the same thing as asking what is the motivation of life. Which no one can answer, as there is a skeptic within all of us that is waiting for more data. See if i tell you the answer to what is life, you wouldnt know whether the answer is right or wrong because humans are flawed at measuring their own feelings. I can feel enraged at the answer today, but go into deep thought about the same thing tomorrow. Hence, a reasonable answer to what is life is more on the lines of an assumption about life – is life about play? or is life about fulfilling purpose of survival. I happen to think its the former.

But when I tell you this, you’ve already dismissed it as a form of childish moor. I then would have to present facts about why this is so. However, my facts and arguments can be easily rejected by you, when you say – I don’t feel that you’ve got the right answer. When you don’t feel something deep down, there is something in your mind that negates the idea and the fact, but you still would remember it deep down. You’ll use this line of argument later on, in a new set of thoughts and emotions and then you’ll give yourself credit for coming up with the answer. 🙂 Which Im ok with as well.

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