The Anti Society Movement

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There’s a lot of action out there that talks about how people aren’t people anymore. The anti-society movement. We’re all becoming the same thing and emulsifying into one being that isn’t human anymore. We’re masochistic, were homophobic, we’re pretentious, and we’re unshakable in our stupidity.

But think about it from this perspective. Every human is somewhere in the spectrum of things and thoughts. Everyone is changing in thought bit by bit. Some are faster (new age), and some are slower (orthodox). But everyone needs to be flexible enough to survive and thrive.

When we jump into a hole together and take a dive into being how everyone is – acting the way they do and behaving the way they do, we give up our identity. In a way that’s good, when you’re TOO stuck in your mind about what you are. In a way that’s bad, when you’re so deep into group-think that you don’t know who you are anymore when the group fades away.

That is all. Its a game.

– How do you beat the game?

Wrong question.

– How do I become a more lovable and happy person and be a part of the group as well as be myself?

You’ve done it. You already are. Sometimes you like to have fun/experiment with not being those things you mentioned above. That is all.


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