Are you all that you could be?

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If not, then red again – read with anger and love. When lives drop dimes onto the region near your feet, then you need to bend over and pick it up before investigating into the matter that is truly connected with the self. If there isn’t a question of the answer inside of your demagogues, then you have it. You have what you’re looking for. You have what they say is the perfection that is in itself imperfect.

What is then that gives you happiness? Why does life choose to run errands around you and forces you to limit yourself to 24 hours in a day, and gives you only a weekend to publish your life to the world – when no one is watching. Reality shows after reality shows, and in this reality’s shown as ourselves loving the spew that erupts from the screen of our captive devices.

We run tasks, and easy bake until 300F degrees until stocks last, and we run out of batteries only to realize that they were under our Ikea cushions this whole time. Are we then in this situation free, or atleast free to choose how we define free and free to choose how we see freedom as free dome and free numb.

Is our life truly sacred? Are we speaking in different tongues going from one French city to another, talking to waitresses at the cashier hating their 9-5s and their boyfriends restless as well. We are what we think we are, and in this we have what we think we have. Atomos and atomos, liars united through a mission to undertake. Its the justification of a nation to believe in their beacon calling. And in this, serve the natural purpose of hierarchy and sermons unique to their pillared establishments, and demonstrate its impact to the world. How easy is that? Only time and nuclear missiles will tell.

photo credit: pasotraspaso via photopin cc



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