Aren’t we a part of nature? Then is it okay to eat meat?

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Two types of people will scream their answer to you.

1. Bulked up beef-cake – “Yeah bro, you gotta get your meat on. Where’r you gonna get your proteins from? Soy?”

2. Pumped heels PETA princess – “OMG, how dare you hurt those poor little animals? They deserve to live on this planet, as much as you do. You know what I mean?”

Here’s a quick response that can be used for the first argument. Animal protein is a lot harder to digest than plant protein, and there’s plenty of protein in other sources ( paneer 9gms protein per 50 gms and eggs 6gms/1egg ). The metabolic impact of meat as your only source of protein is humongous on your body.

For the ones stuck in the moral dilemma of killing animals, I open their minds to the concept of micro-organisms. We consume millions of teeny-tiny micro-organisms everytime we eat, breathe, sleep, walk or stay still. Despite being vegetarians and sparing the lives of hundreds of chickens, we’re still killing billions of tiny organisms of life. Can’t hear their screams – as our ears aren’t tuned to that micro-frequency (Thank God!).

Well then, lets end it all then. We should then just kill ourselves, as it’s the only way out of this loop. But even when we kill ourselves, bacteria will try to consume our body slowly – by decaying it almost instantaneously. That bacteria will now attack other forms of life in hopes of expanding its neighbourhood. Congratulations, you’ve just fed a massive army of bacteria, that then feed maggots, that then feed rats, and who knows what other god awful things. Killing life is bad! – This type of airy-fairy logic is very tantalizing – but atleast its a start of the discussion about loving your fellow animals.

“It’s funny how one culture will consider monkeys as food, and another – as Gods.”


The Science

What does science say? Specifically, biology. Well most nutritionists say that a balanced diet of milk, eggs, meat and vegetables are a good source of proteins as well as the essential amino acids that aid in muscle and tissue development. You get your B12 from eggs, which is very difficult to replace in a pure vegetarian diet. B12 is important for normal healthy functioning of your hormones, and central nervous system. Your B12 levels will go down, if you’re used to an animal diet. If your grandfathers ate meat, you’ll feel the physical effects of being devoid of meat. But most nutritionists would agree that you can cut down on most meats, except eggs.

Ok, so eggs is the limit. Right?



You’ve heard it before. Vegetarians live longer, and consuming tons of beef is bad for you. Which leads everyone to believe that there must be a middle ground to the extremes. I look at vegan body builders that are almost as fit as their meat-eating counterparts, but I don’t know how many supplements they would have to consume to remain healthy.

Animals kill animals, animals kill plants, and even plants kill other plans (sometimes by using neuro-toxins that are invisible to the naked eye). If tigers didn’t eat the deer, then the deer would overpopulate to infinity. They would eat all our grasslands.

We’re all killers, and we’re not supposed to be because it makes us feel bad.

So, dont kill animals, correct?



Agrarian cultures were probably blamed for most of the sins that we associate with nowadays. Because when people owned farmland, they wouldn’t share their profits with their tribesmen. However, meat eaters had no option but to share their food with others, as otherwise it would rot and spoil. So, history doesn’t really give us the answer that we’re looking for. Let’s jump to God.

What would God prefer us to do? Well he’s the one that put us in this position to test us. Ok then, what if we fail this test. What happens to us ? According to the Hindus, we come back to the cycle of life and death. According to Christianity, we suffer in hell. Ok, so hell is probably the worst thing that can happen to us, if we choose the wrong answer. Ok what happens if we choose the right answer? We get Nirvana, or we go to Heaven.

Great! A decision that we take now, will affect our eternity. If we choose to kill, we burn in hell, but we’ll be malnutrition and will probably be deficient. So suffering is the right answer then? Suffering by giving up the tasty meat, being malnutritioned, and  avoiding cakes for the rest of your lives. Is suffering, why the universe was built?

Probably not.


The larger picture

The concept of vegetarianism comes from the fact that non-vegetarianism exists. You see? Both of these things co-exist. The universe has made sure that these two exist side by side, for one defines the other. Just like war and peace. You can’t enjoy peace without knowing that war exists. Hence, you can’t enjoy being a vegetarian or associate yourself, or your ego with being a vegetarian. Its illogical and frankly detrimental to your well being.

So, don’t kill animals but don’t feel like you HAVE to be a vegetarian?

There you go. That’s it. You’ve cracked the code.

But this answer doesn’t feel all that satisfying.

I know, and that’s true. It’s not a very good answer. Its like being grey in a situation that requires us to think in black or white. But do we really need to be black or white? Do we only have the two states of mind – meat eaters and plant feeders? What about vegans? They feel that they’re doing the right thing by avoiding dairy. What about the Jains? They feel like they’re right in wearing face masks all day to cut down on the killing of microbes.

Who the hell is right in this world?


And that’s the truth. Nobody is right. Because everybody is too busy being right.

Its not about being veggy or non-veggy. Its about atoms eating atoms. Thats it. That’s the end of it. A group of atoms can choose not to eat another, but in the end they’re all just atoms.

Would God ever judge atoms? Well that’s a discussion for another time.


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