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How can I be more open towards vulnerability?


Q. I have seen Brené Browns talk about the power of vulnerability for the first time and I felt enlightened. She described that we have to fully embrace vulnerability in order to feel “the other side” of the emotions ( like happiness, courage and connection) So here’s the thing, I have...

What should I gift my wife on her birthday?


Q. We got married last December, this is her 26th birthday and she is a dentist by profession. A. Give her a rose. A single white rose. A white rose with a story. A story that captures the essence of your love. That or a diamond ring.   photo credit: birlewphotography via...

Why are attractive girls so oblivious?


Q. It seems like the attractive girls at my school (not necessarily popular) are more oblivious than the other girls. They don’t notice that much going on around them. There could be rumors about them going around school and they don’t even notice people staring and talking about them. It’s like...