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Why have this inherent desire to constantly strive for beauty? Both in our physical self, and our experiences?
We can’t eat beautiful art or drink beautiful music. Most of the natural beauty out there is dangerously uninhabitable.
Lush mountains, empty deserts, and deep valleys. Places far away from civilization where we visit for a few days and move on soon after.
Trends change, styles change, and our definition of beauty changes every generation or so.
Acid wash and bell bottoms went out of style, but at that time – anyone that wasn’t wearing them had a really hard time getting lucky.

Is real beauty only limited to that of the physical? Well, attractiveness is only a marker of your ability to bear offspring and survive better. The taller, stronger and smarter you are, the better off your kids will be. Imagine then that you have the mind of a scientist, the looks of a celebrity, and the money of a billionaire. Would you be the most desirable person in the world?
Maybe not. You would still lack the one thing that everyone looks for when their basic human needs are taken care of. Happiness.
Scientists lose their ethics, celebrities have bad marriages, and billionaires cheat to live life again. Not realizing that the very chemical that people chase for years, they can produce by themselves. Happiness.

Should you then apply make-up, wear hair gel, dress nicely and conform to the laws of symmetry that define human beauty?
Does it give you an unfair advantage over others that weren’t so lucky in this genetic lottery?
For physical beauty is only a commodity that you offer to others – just like smarts, humour, or even friendship.

True beauty – the ever lasting one – lies in nothingness. When there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, nowehere to belong. The feeling
of untamed freedom – like the lush valleys of the himalays, the smile of a new-born child, or the moment you fall madly in love.
True beauty then could just be untamed happiness in the nothing that allows you to truly enjoy the worldy wonders of the universe

photo credit: balt-arts via photopin cc



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