We are all becoming distant

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Slowly and steadily, technology is connecting us and driving us apart. We can skip through all those awkward pauses, formal conversations, and mood swings of real life people. We have replaced all of this with the ease of social media. The idea behind connecting 7 billion people is a novel one, but the effects are taking a toll over us. We have to watch our words, and also express ourselves clearly. We have become more politically correct, and moreĀ insaneĀ at the same time. We talk more with emojis, but talk less with substance and meaning. We have become over-connected and we are soon realizing that face-to-face conversations may not be the most efficient way to interact with others. Soon, we would all have whatsapp and facebook, and we would always know about everything at the tip of our fingertips. You could, theoretically discuss Russian politics with your vegetable vendor, if he checks out the news function in his timeline. Hence, the world has become smaller but you don’t really hear the sound of your friends any more, as they quickly become into bits and bytes.

The oxytocin associated with listening to a human voice will soon shift focus to the rush of endorphins associated with getting 50 likes. Everyone is now a brand, and a content creator or curator. Some will lose their minds, and do insane things to get followers, others will make fun of these people and call them crazy. Who is right, who is wrong – will be the new debate of 2015.

People will know more about everything. Young kids will be able to learn second languages, and computer code, and build things while at school. They will try to overtake our jobs with their better solutions, because during their free time they surf the web for new scientific discoveries. Hence, you as an adult will listen to the opinions of a child more intently. This dissolves roles and boundaries, based on information hierarchy.

Pretty soon, maybe in a 100 years or so, we would have solved our hunger and sleep problem, and would have taken care of all our needs. With a single pill and a convertible house, we would become independent and wouldn’t need to eat, sleep, or look for shelter. Our economy would run solely on entertainment related industries, as things like farming and technology will slowly fade away from our needs. Now, image this world of flying cars and robotic guitars, and ask yourself this – would I feel more connected to people or less? If the answer is less, then how can I enjoy the company of others right now, in the present moment.

If you simply slow down and listen to the sound of a person, you feel awakened and alive inside. Imagine listening to your significant other today, but don’t respond to their conversation, just listen to their voice for a second. Listen and you’ll find the untapped joys of being aware of sounds and sights outside of you.

We keep rushing to find a cure of everything, and find a solution to everything, that we end up disconnecting ourselves and only talk to each other when we want something. Imagine a world where you no longer need to keep going round and round on this hamster wheel. Imagine a world where you were connected with everyone and everything in a deep sense of the word connection, and felt alive for the first time. Imagine.

photo credit: JefferyTurner via photopin cc



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