Beggining the Journey Inside Yourself

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Once when we were all alone. We were walking along the road and without ourselves, we noticed that we were evolved into something greater. We stepped into our roles and decided to power through our journies once when we started staring into the star-shaped galaxies. We needed each other, and we did things that no one believed. We did it. We became it.

Now, we’re in corporate jungles and we’re trying to become better people by residing in the existing norms of society and the rules of the land. We do things, and we did things. We didn’t do things until we wanted to, we simply did it until we found ourselves and fell in love. We didn’t like it. We did like it. We didn’t know all that much before.

We had things, we didn’t have things. We wanted things, and we didn’t really care all too much. We made our day until we didn’t make it anymore. We still required essentials, but we smashed our guitars on the concrete foreplay. We did it. We didn’t do it. We still did it anyway.

The first question that we ask ourselves, is why. Why do we need things, and why do we wait until we have nothing to question ourselves. Why not question everything until the sun goes down? Why not enjoy the questioning until we did it and we didn’t do it. We try and try and try, until we fail and fail and win. When will the win come? No idea. When the fail come? Today. Have we made our models of failure too strict? Possibly. We may need to become more flexible with our approach and technology. Facebook and Twitter have taken over, and media has changed. But we don’t perceive the approach to be unique.


photo credit: Malaysia_Dec2010_1816 via photopin (license)



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