Beneath droughts

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Being completely spiritually inaccurate. Imagine that. Imagine that whatever has been told to you has been a lie. Imagine this funny game. Where i bring you solutions to your own problems, by listening to my thoughts and the thoughts of other people. But is the purpose of my existence to help yours? Or is the purpose of your existence, to help mine? Is the enlightened person derived from the other’s lack of it? Imagine if everyone was enlightened? Then what would happen? A lot of sensible people not talking to one another, and just experiencing this universe for what it is. But would the universe cease to exist at that point?

Does an accountant come out of the need for accounting? Or does an accountant need the need of accounting to survive and to drive an identity. What is this repercussion that you speak of ? What is this thought? Will a need for being alive derive itself from a need to drive death out of the way?

They are speaking about longevity, and the need to create longer lives. What will you do with a longer life? Any practical experience that is valuable is uprooted from having to strive to achieve it. Imagine the craze around going to Vegas 20 years ago. Imagine how easy it has become to get there. Yuck. Imagine a mountain that was previously uninhabitable. Imagine now how people can get bored of that mountain and want something more challenging. It is therefore, that every thought and every need, has its own shelf-life. A death from boredom of every thought and desire. You drop your ideas about buying a new GPS system, when an Iphone comes equipped with one. You drop your ideas of buying an ice-cream, when you see a fat person slobbering all over one. You see traps in desires, and you see madness in chasing them. But you see, madness is us. We are practically mad. We live and continue to reproduce without a reason. We think we know, but we don’t know why we think we know.

See, what would be a perfect universe according to you? A bountiful forest? A lush garden? Unlimited trees, and friends that are always happy-go-lucky. What then? What will you do then? What happens when you convert the entire universe into Swach-Yug. No dirt. Only clean.

Nothing. You’re still stuck in happiness and sadness. Why not drive a little further. Drive longer and drive upwards. Or even inwards. Get the journey down. But realize that journeys that are all about the end, are also a journey. A journey that makes no sense, in a world that is based on nonsense inside of sense, and vice versa. See, a chinese ying-yang symbol is represented best, when there’s a bit of white inside the black, and a bit of white inside the black.

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