What is the best way to find mental peace?


Why do you want peace?

Moving on.

There are two things that will always help.

Self-honesty and letting more thoughts in.

Once you accept all thoughts as the same, you finally have a blend of self honesty and being free of baggage.

Honesty is important enough to be taken seriously. But eventually we will forget these two concepts and continue living in sadness and mental burdens. Why then should we listen to someone when they prescribe a solution to us?

You dont have to. There is no reason or rhyme to find a solution to problems that affect the mind.

Once, you accept this. There is again immense freedom from thoughts. Once you accept that you are helpless and you don’t seek help, you’ll start to realize why you have these thoughts in the first place.

You’ll accept the problem at hand and find a solution or at least try to take steps towards it.

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc



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