A Brand for Everyone

Dream Feed

Here’s what social media is doing to us. We’re all brands now. We have personas, opinions, services, and we become content producers and consumers. We have “likes”, and we have a “comment” ready to think but hardly to share. We have become brands.

Now human beings that behave as brands are not very controversial, especially on a public platform. Alternatively, certain others can leverage their own persona in a loud, brash way if controversy is their persona. We are all a part of a spectrum in this momentum.

We haven’t reached a point, where we constantly see ourselves yet. But soon, we may never need to. We would all have our own identity online (a website) where we would list our service offerings and sell ourselves there. But you see, no one yet has the desire to list down their opinions or services online. Its because we are afraid of consistency. People have different desires and needs and we can’t possibly please everyone. Ergo, we don’t express ourselves as our brands get in the way. A brand can also be looked at as the EGO.

photo credit: joelmeadows1 via photopin cc



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