The bueaty in mistakes

Dream Feed

Here is a path most randomly chosen, in terms of words –

“The sheelp almost stole my watch an gave it to the lockshmith. While I was away on holideay and I stole the neigbours wathc today – it seemed to me that the overheads were more than the budget estimates.”

Now this statement, at face value, has no meaning. Until we drill down.

“The sheelp..” People + sheep gives Sheelp. A Sheelp is someone that follows orders around blindly.

“gave it to the lockshmith..” lockshmith is a german locksmith. Schmidth has been molded to create shmith

“While is was away on holideay..” Holiday + Idea gives holideay. An idea to go for a holiday. Ideas of going outside of the current pattern of actions.

“..the neigbours”. Adding the ‘H” is considered proper and polite grammar. However, my neighbours were brutes, and hence didn’t deserve the “h”. They only pour empty emotions and are vile creatures.

Now really, breaking this story down, it goes as follows –

The people that sleep and follow orders blindly, stole my watch and gave it to the Germans. While I was away on having an idea for a holiday, on how to run away from this madness, and I stole the brute neighbour’s watch today. It seemed to me that the overheads were more than the budget estimates.

This is a story of a very practical man in Nazi Germany, who’s only concerns were to make his monthly quota, and still stole watches due to his compulsive nature. However, even while his watch was stolen by another person like him, and seized by the German Army, he was only thinking about the production costs and estimates of making that watch. Here’s a man, so oblivious of what’s around him, that he only wants to focus on making money and surviving for his own benefit.

Now, you can choose to say, that’s Hogwash. And maybe it is, but that’s why mistakes and abnormalities are so beautiful. They break the rules and force us to think. Force us to trust our extincts.

Extincts – extinct instincts. I.e. Instincts that need to be revived.

photo credit: Joaquin Villaverde Photography via photopin cc



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