Some would call us crazy

Dream Feed

What makes us closed down in a life that has abundance all around us. Flowers with millions of pollen, birds in millions of colours, thunderbolts a million times a year, and a proton that revolves millions of times around a nucleus a million times in a row. Madness. We are all mad. Inside each and every one of us is a mad-man ready to ignite the world with her ideas. A wanderlust ready to explore, a starchild ready to bust through and a darkness ready to be illuminated. Like a martini shaken and stirred, a silver spoon bent to your hearts content, and a stomach bulging with relaxation. Finally, we can all be free in our own madness.

Free is all we want. Madness is simply our expression of it.

photo credit: Steve Slater (Wildlife Encounters) via photopin cc



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