Can I keep doing whatever I want to do in life?

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Ever so often, you find yourself stuck. Stuck in the same job, the same people around you, and the same weather –  sticky like a torn up contract in a bottle of glue. What is someone supposed to do when they’re stuck in a situation. They focus their attention on a very narrow aspect of life called sadness or disappointment or self-judgement. The only way out, even more important than “talking your way out”, is to do the one thing that pleases you the most. This is why people stress eat. Its a natural reaction to a strong oppressor of emotion. Food, sex, violence, video games, movies, art, theatre, Youtube, TV shows – all a way to get unstuck from their boring lives and get stuck onto something that gives them a more steady source of dopamine.

In a situation like this, is it harmful to only do the things you like? Am I walking in the wrong direction on a right path on the left side? Or are the cars passing me by like rivers on an empty stream? Is all of it meaningful or is there no meaning in this life. Will I always be sad, stuck, disappointed, alone? – YES! You will always feel these emotions because you have a memory of these things in your mind. You can’t forget what it means to be sad, and hence sadness will never leave you. Then the formula is simple – forget negative emotions and only focus on the happy ones. Right? Right? – WRONG!

The only way of getting out of a situation where you’re stuck, sad, or depressed, is to be extremely true to yourself. That’s extremely important. That’s step one. High honesty and no ego.

Step 2 is to do the one thing that you want to do, and what you’re supposed to do. E.g. If you really want to listen to music, but you have work to finish for the day – then do both. Whichever wins in the race for your attention will eventually get done. If work loses, then you should be reconsidering certain choices you have made in life.

If your loved one leaves you for another, and you feel like you’ll never bounce back to your original self – always remember! Step 1 – be extremely true to yourself, and listen to your most inner thoughts. Step 2 – Do one thing that you like to do, and what you’re supposed to do. Do both of them at the same time, if you have to. Step 3 – Forget Step1 and 2 – These are quick fixes to the real problem in life. The real problem in life is that we’re simply bored. Boredom is the number one reason why we’re always running from our lives when we feel stuck. How about we try to really go into the thing that makes us feel stuck. Go deeper and deeper into the thing that makes us scared, depressed, fearful, and teary-eyed. You know what you’ll find in the end? – Nothing. You’ll find nothing. Which means that life, alas, is just a beautiful game, which is meant to be played and had fun in.

So relax, and breathe, and chase happiness in your life.

photo credit: Glyn Lowe Photoworks. via photopin cc



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