Can most people make the choices that are right for them?

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Justifying that the decision is right or wrong is incorrect. Justification, is labelling something in the mind as correct or incorrect. BS is a label that you are using as well, where you justify to your mind (and to me) that what you are reading is crap.  Let me give you 2 examples –

A) If I have decided to quit red-meat in order to get a better healthy lifestyle, I choose to cut it out on a weekly basis (i.e. I reduce my intake on a weekly basis). I instead decide to visit a salad bar to eat my lunches. Now I get ebola from someone handling my vegetables. I am now dead. In a way – if I had continued eating red meat, i would have never visited that salad bar at that time, and I would have died much later. (The same goes for a potential car crash while crossing the road to get to the salad bar)

B) I quit my job to do something I love – baking. (theoretically speaking ofcourse). Now I don’t make a single penny until the first 3 months, but I love the idea of having my own bakery. Now I don’t break even for the first 2 years and I put up my house on mortgage to finance my business. I do it because a lot of other folks have done it as well. It seems like a right decision. Now the financial crisis of 2008 happens, and I am now broke and in debt. I commit suicide in shame.

Now in both situations, which “choice” was the clear correct or incorrect one? – It seems perfectly obvious in the first example, but not  so much in the second. We have sooo many parameters that we could take into consideration, prior to taking our decisions, that we would go nuts figuring out whether we are right or wrong.

Ergo, we only make decisions that SEEM right to us, at that stage in that time. Therefore saying that a choice is RIGHT or WRONG, is like saying that the child can’t tie his shoe laces. Someday he will, and that’s when he’ll do it RIGHT. Also a thousand mistakes can lead to ONE right or even ZERO rights. There is a whole spectrum of labelling and justification that we use that may or may not be incorrect to use.

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