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You know what usually happens? We see a dream we want, and we give up. We give up every day, sometimes 4 times a day to no end. What’s the problem here? Is expecting to dream wrong and if so then why does everyone keep thinking that the meaning of life is to achieve our dreams.

Let’s get one thing straight here. There is no – dream. There is only the life that you dream UP. And when things don’t go according to plan, you start shaking. You want to compromise. Which is also ok, if you’re cash strapped or you’re mentally exhausted or have no time what so ever ┬áto do your dreams. Hence dreaming is as fine as not dreaming. That is nirvana. Breathing out. When there aren’t any expectations, no ego attached to the result, no drive to survive forever and ever, no reason to become anything that is NOT YOU. You see, there isn’t a need in any of us to be something. We’re always hurrying to close the deal, to end the marriage, to close gaps in plans, and to store preserves in jams. We add and subtract until we ourselves can’t do anything anymore. We feel like machines and efficiency seems to be our only hope. – YUCK.

What’s the point of this? You wrongly assume that you’ll start to enjoy life after you make money. You are ok with losing sleep and relaxation today, and you try to become faster and better than everyone else. That is business. That is life and that is society. Can you change it? – Maybe. If maybe, then say YES. Be in a world that you like being in. What is the point anyways? What are you chasing? Happiness? – This is a pretty shitty way to get happiness, if you ask me.

You’ll make a crore rupees by the age of 35 and you’ll finally settle. You’ll then choose to do whatever you feel. You’ll travel, you’ll visit countries, you’ll work for a start-up or an NGO or you’ll just sit back and watch your family grow. Then, guess what happens. Boredom. You get bored. You want more. Your happiness levels are back to square one. Lottery winners are asked this again and again. How happy do you feel right now? They rate themselves almost the same as they were before the money. We wrongly associate money with happiness. I’ve seen beggar children smile laugh and giggle their way while they fought with sticks. Money is a game. A game that gives us immense stress. Our need to survive is based on our avoidance of pain. The moment we look beyond the “WHY GOD WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME”, and instead look and see reality for what it is – you’ll become elated. You’ll crack the code.

Truth is, you don’t need to be alone in the world – always fighting always cribbing and conquering. You can become one with everyone and everything. You can start caring about others in a form of a society. Where everyone and everything becomes one thing. One organism, worrying about each other’s safety. Don’t focus on making friends, focus on being friends. We are all in this together and we will enjoy it more by being in a relaxed state of mind. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to rely on drugs, sex and alcohol to just FEEL something different.

– But Sanchit, this is so wishy washy. Its ok in theory but cant do practically.


– Society is tough these days. Have to make money and focus on providing for my family.

Everybody does that. What do you do different. Clearly the idea of “surviving” is giving you a tough time.

– Yes, but what you’re suggesting sounds like a movement or something, and movements always fail.

Movements don’t fail. They always spark something. See a movement doesn’t start off to create massive change. Change assumes that people will change, but people most always never change. Because people are people, when they think about themselves as a mass. Human beings are human beings. A person will change, but people don’t. A person, then another person, and another person. But don’t expect that people as a whole change. Wait a minute. People have changed. Quite a lot. Parents are more open to children experimenting with their careers, religions have become less orthodox, and its all driven by art and having higher disposable incomes. Do you want to wait until people change? Or do you want to live by your own rules, that atleast you can be proud of? Otherwise its the blind leading the blind, until the earth spins forever and ever. Meanwhile nobody has any fun, and we all die at 102 with lots and lots of money.

– Well, I do have fun. On the weekends, I go out partying and hang out with friends.

Yes. Weekends.


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