What when you can’t think straight?

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When you can’t think straight and can’t finish your tasks, go to the gym, or eat your vegetables, you’re trying too hard. You’re trying to find a solution to your problem, so that you can share that solution with others and become – a right person (or a smart person). But you can’t keep holding on to this position of being “smart” forever. Hence it is also a game that lasts for a short bit, until people weigh you down and you are forced to go back to normal. Normal being – clueless (like everyone else), hopeless (like everyone else), and bored/lazy (like what you’re supposed to be). If everyone is energetic, you become energetic. If people around you are lazy, you become lazy. That is all.

Our minds want to play and want to try different things. When we get stuck in a problem, or hit our heads against a wall, we sit there thinking and thinking. “I’ll finish my work tomorrow, today I’ll go on Facebook.” “I’ll go the gym tomorrow, my body hurts today.” Until you see examples of people doing great work in a field you enjoy. You see Sir Richard Branson, Dhirubai Ambani, or a bodybuilder on the internet, and you get inspired again. See, your mind wants to play. It wants to play the body-builder game, or the entrepreneur game.

I don’t care that I can’t find the solution to why I am lazy. But I don’t want to wait till I solve it, in order to proceed with shedding weight or eating right. I can wait till a hundred years for that *perfect moment* but I may or may not ever crack the code – of why people are lazy or why they aren’t happy with their lives. As a culture, we need to be more open to the “I don’t know” aspect of life, and take a shot at answering the question at hand, instead of lying to yourself and to others all the time. Don’t for a single second assume that you have all the answers in the world. Let go of holding onto the results of your mental experiments. Let your results grow.

Is your head clearer now? No – It was all a game. A game that your mind crafted to play against itself. A game to trick yourself into thinking that you aren’t in-charge, and that you are being driven around by your mind.

Now is it clear?

Is it clearer?



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