What would chess think of humans?

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A game of the mind, and one of the oldest games to become a video game in the mid 50s. We fight wars in chess, and battle each other for pleasure and play. But what would the chess pieces themselves think about us? Wouldn’t they be a little curious as to why a giant hand is making them do all of these things to each other? Because each pawn and each horse and the king and the queen can only go in certain directions during their lifetime, similar to human beings. The game in its current form has been modified and changed to become more complex, and it keeps both the human and the chess piece thoroughly hooked to the game – because of the sheer complexity.

Humans built computers to fight with. Computers. Computers that are much smarter than them and can beat them with sheer computing power and memory. And yet, we humans built them so that we can beat them at chess.

Now virtual or physical, these chess pieces are sick and tired of killing each other and want an explanation for all this violence.

“Why did you get us here, and why are you making me do all of this?”

To which we would have no response. We would have never imagined that chess pieces would have feelings and that their feelings would get hurt.

You couldn’t even tell them that its only a game, because if they ever did come to know that their life was a game, they wouldn’t be following your orders. A horse would get bored of being a horse, and become King for one round, and vice versa.

Ofcourse, that would be funny to see, but after a while you’d get bored or even annoyed at their shenanigans and order them to behave the way that they’re meant to be.

Which is why you would never tell them, in the first place, that this was only a game.

A game designed to keep the player and the game master happy and hooked.

Now humans are bored of simply playing chess passively from their perspective, and want to really immerse themselves in the experience of it all. We don’t care too much about the strategy, we just want to have a bit of fun.

And so we humans become these chess pieces, and dress up like them – with our long robes to represent royalty, and our elephant costumes to represent the wooden chess pieces. And we go on and play this game in a giant field with all our friends and families and have a ball.

This way, there woudn’t be any chess pieces to hurt and embarrass, because us humans ourselves would be playing the game of chess.

We’d eventually want to immerse ourselves even more in the game, and we’d focus completely on the task at hand. Conquer the King! Sooner or later we’ll realize that its all a game, and we’ll all return to our homes

All of this seemse surprisingly fishy. In that, no one is asking why someone is doing this to them.

Not the chess pieces, and not even the humans that built the game of chess.

Why are we doing this? Why are we doing life?

Is all of life simply a game?

photo credit: Thomas Geiregger via photopin cc



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