Consciousness in Thinking

Dream Feed

You’re blocking. You’re making thoughts on top of thoughts. When you have an empty mind that sees all and knows all that is unfittered thinking. Like a rhythm that continues into improvisation when the beat changes. Being one with the environment, increasing the capacity of response. You are all of the piece within it. Even the most vigorously strict people use instinct and gut to make a decision. A gutsy parent making a move in the right direction, as a child that makes its claim for ice cream apparent and clear. If you look at the book of change (religion) and the book of eye (science) you’ll each find some limitations in each. You’ll find that both standards and pillars are shaky and subject to change. The viability of the pliar is the pillar in the sheep. Sleeping until we decide to wake up

Now silence. Isn’t that what we want in the end? But the means to achieve it seem difficult. Such has been man’s plight since a thousand years. When we have inter connectivity, we share each other’s stutterings. Evil begets evil and sadness is all alone in a veil of shattered hopes. Other pople dictating other peeples. And once we’re tired of following other people’s philosophies we give in. We over value our insecurities and undermine the mind.

Do I have a way of making of silencing the mind? No. Because each mind is elsewhere to start the journey. But consciousness in thinking is inherent. Start thinking why you think. Don’t hold yourself and don’t cloud your judgement. You know you aren’t happy. You know you’re suffering. So ask yourself “why”. And be honest with yourself. That is the way of the clouds. Flowing and going in the wind and forming deforming until moist. Leaking and shrieking when mad. And dancing and mindless in the dark. We are all the same thing. So why feel bothered to change? When love is the answer at the end of all Niles and journies.



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