Could consciousnesses merge together to create one superior consciousness?

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super consciousness

No. Imagine the possibility of that. What would be the purpose of this type of superiorness. Ergo, if you assume that you desire superior consciousness, the presence of the inferior consciousness must exist forever.

The idea that normal consciousness has purpose (beyond survival and play) is a label that we label it with. Its our projection. Imagine telling a table that its life has purpose. Imagine telling the bacteria that grows on a table that its life has purpose. Its a silly thing to consider that we humans have figured out purpose and non-purpose, when our brains were given to us by the very universe we’re trying to figure out.

It took us billions of years to reach here. Why? It seems less likely that we’ve got a purpose, or atleast a purpose that satisfies all questions now and tomorrow. Super consciousness is like Superman. We’re trying to get a one-up on the universe with special powers or beliefs.

photo credit: Magic Apples via photopin (license)



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