Correcting most things in life

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What is it? What is the thing called correct? What is it and why is it. Because if we see the correct from the incorrect then we don’t see it through. We only see this as a “thing”. Correct is only a thing.

Therefore, the things are incorrect in your life, you don’t need to do anything to fix them. Because your brain is awesome. It can compute its own survival, and its own sadness. It is illegal to be gay – because a brain considered this act immoral because someone with a brain said that this act is considered WRONG by Jesus or something. Brains. Boop boop boop. Constantly thinking and then stooping to the lowest common denominator to retain moral responsibility. Why?

Because your brain accepts certain information and rejects some. Certain times when someone supports the rejected idea – its conflicts with your ego. Ego go go go. How will you survive if your view-points are considered as incorrect.

That is all. That is all that needs to be thought about. You see it today and tomorrow its gone. Like a flash. The next day, you’ll forget the fact that you had any thoughts in the first place. You’ll wonder who you are and you’ll be finished. Your identity of yourself will end and you will become liberated finally. You become everyone and everything. Boop boop beep-hoo.

photo credit: shaggy359 via photopin cc



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