Why do I crave chocolate when I look at my fridge, even though I know its bad for me?

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You still wonder if there’s anything left. Anything left to learn from going down this path of addiction, craving, and being a slave to your inner calls. See, this behaviour is a friendly break, a cheat, a separation from your everyday life. Implying that your entire life, you’ve been a good person, now its time for a little reward. A little chocolate. A little sugar. But of course you know that you will get fat and your sugar levels will go haywire, but you still want to do it.

That’s the amount of strength your inner cravings have on you. Your brain has been wired, since childhood, to seek a quick chocolate to satisfy your energy needs. But now, as an adult, you can re-wire your mind, and choose healthy options. Fat people become thin and vice versa, implying that any person can become anything. We can change and choose.

The other aspect to the whole question, is the fact that we think we should follow our gut instincts. Our gut tells us to eat chocolate and therefore we should. But our mind says, dont do it, because you’ll ruin your health. Hence, you reach a road-way where there are 2¬†options. To eat or not to eat. To listen to your gut, or your mind. Well, now that this decision is upto you, you can decide whether you seek to destroy, or conserve your body. Its an arbitrary choice, and its upto you.

The deeper question ofcourse, is the fact of “why”. Why did this thought enter my mind? Why did God create this craving inside of me?

That’s a question that begs to understand God’s motivation to create this universe. Why did God create this universe, and is a “craving” a part of that motivation? Does God have cravings as well? Because God created me, and I have cravings. God must know about the concept of cravings. Hence, there may be a memory of cravings, inside of God’s mind. That doesn’t make God very powerful now does it? God seems a lot like me, now that I know that he understands the concept of cravings.

If you must eat a chocolate I recommend Cadbury Silk. They’re to die for. (Literally?)

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