Das Ungen Faagan – Is my brain smart or stupid?

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Das Ugan loomps Faagan ems unz darling chocolate how I miss thee. Why must you cause me harm when you taste so good? Why do so many things in life bring with them thorns that stick you all the way through. Is my brain smart or stupid? Why does it constantly want fast food, when its clearly bad for the gander. Is the lust for tender benders and long ribs keeping us arranged in the most deranged format of wrestling superiority?

Or did we just finish and bake until we got tired of it, and tried something new. A new day and a new dawn, a new fruit and a new fawn. We explored the vast lands of the ever lasting humanity, and we went to the valleys of the Hindu Kush, only to find out the very thing we wanted was here in our hands. Adventure, rush, flame, and fire all present in this Agrarian present. The past- a memory, and the present – a future. All in all, ending in dust and flames. It was the allure. The allure for more.

Will I ever present the truth beyond truths? Will my mind ever contemplate my own spirit? ¬†Why do I think about rape, when I truly want to think about the roses? My mind, alas is on autodial, calling onto the spirits to guide me and to lead me astray. For hell would be a lot more fun than Heaven, now wouldn’t it? Or would purgatory be an absolute bore. Both frames of mind are correct in their perception. We should start taking sides, until wives become pregnant and children covered in muck. Only then will we be see through happiness. Or will a man named Alex, save our souls and provide us the information that we seek. We will listen to him, but only consider him as God.

– Hence God or Alex, can you save me and my stupid mind?

– Carrots

– What?

– Carrots and beans, they’re good for the brain. Makes it smarter.

– How do I trust my instincts then? Do they lead me astray or should I listen to them?

– What do you desire? Only carrots and beans. They’re good for you. ¬†Desire is the empty vessel that pours wine through a hole in the bottom.

– What?

– Hi, I’m Alex. Nice to meet you. Raam Raam.

– Say, why do people say Raam Raam?

– Its to tell you that you and I are both God. Raam Raam.


photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopin cc



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