What is depression?

what is depression

Clinically, depression is a disease that rots you from the inside, and on the outside its only a thought that manifests itself as thought after thought after thought. Until you can’t take it anymore and you need help.

Other times, you try to balance the feeling of depression, with a sense of “Oh, its just the blues. I’m just a dumb moody person.”

This constant back n forth between long bouts of sadness infused with a sliver of happiness, proceeding long bouts of sadness – is depression.

A feeling of uncertain sadness that can come and go as it pleases.

How does one fight depression?

Its a chain of thoughts that must be opened up to someone, and expressed through words or art. Expression is the most important thing here. Because we feel that our depression is unique, but its not. Everyone has some variation or another, but depression is universal. It could strike anyone.

This chain of thoughts that rattles inside your mind, must also take into account new information. Often times, we shut ourselves in and don’t look outwards to figure out why the problem exists in our mind. We simply fall in a trap and refuse to find a ladder, or sometimes are unable to. In this case, we must try to find new information that could change our opinion of ourselves and our minds.

That new information comes in the form of a thought, an idea, or an action that you would like to pursue, but are afraid to do so. Don’t push the timid tight-rope walker, for he may fall down. You simply think about the idea of something different. Thinking your way out of thinking.

Try to image what stresses you out in life, and realise that avoiding them for years and decades will not allow you freedom from them. You just gotta use your super-computer of a brain to tackle them head on with a precision that our animal ancestors once used.

But all of these are words, and in the end, depression does take the lives of many who couldn’t express themselves completely in a world where many have created rules and boundaries. Robin Williams couldn’t take it anymore. We could see it in his eyes, and his behaviour – as he tried to control his own thoughts and actions. He was a shell of himself, waiting and beckoning to break-free. And he touched everyone’s lives in the process of finally ending his own.

Depression can be dealt with. It shouldn’t be the end all. Even ending your own life can’t be a way out, because what if there is an off-chance that reincarnation exists. You’d have to come back again to this dreadful planet and start all over again. Don’t take that risk – and find a way out in this lifetime itself.

Try it. Ain’t nobody gonna try it but yourself. Be the first.

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