If it didn’t happen, then did it occur?

Dream Feed

Yes, one could say so. Or not. But either one would wither away in the quest to find the answer soon. Because, in this eventful death of the unknown comes the everlasting uniqueness of the question itself. Why is it that a hand hands, and a person persons, but a quest doesn’t question its own self? Why is it that we follow on, while we find what makes our powers compel us to carry the burden forward instead of empty out backwards. “Well”, said one of the wisest men in the country, and “well said”, said a fool.

Now only when we talk about the present context in the form of what it is and what its supposed to be, then how is it that we follow on to what we want to accomplish while leaving behind ourselves in the rubble left over. Is it a handover of our weapons? Or is it considered friendly fire when we retreat over to the other side? When will the non-sense around making sense occur, and when will it continue on to fire into the unknown universe as a star that’s left behind from the largest celebration known to mankind – the big bang. I leave you with this – if it didn’t find a way out of the situation, then it didn’t exist. For men have tried and failed, and only a few have dealt with death in being immorally immortal, as their enemies would say. When there isn’t a need to reinforce an itinerary¬†of thoughts and belief, then truly will we stand as one, and the one abiding by the many will recede into the night. Like the ones that came before them, falling in fear in valleys far and near.

photo credit: monkeyc.net via photopin cc



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