Dream Feed

What happens when your end is near, and when you get visited by the Ender-Man. The individual or thing, that kills you or takes you to heaven or hell or towards nothingness. What then? – Nothing.

We have no idea of what life can be beyond what is and isn’t. Our lives revolve around this brain that computes and memorizes the experience that we feel. We are ourselves until we feel death upon us. We shake and quiver and we don’t want any more. We want none of that. We want nothing.

When death arrives what will flash? – Even if there is something that flashes, there is no significance. Its probably your brain’s wiring asking you to come back to this experience. Your brain is weird and wired.

We have challenges that are created by this brain, and we have issues that are solved by this brain. What a funny game. Who is really under the impression of this? Noone?

In the end though, we feel like its all a nightmare or a dream. Nobody feels that it is both. Which means that death is nothing. We can’t describe the after-life at all. Because if someone describes the after-life, we would have to describe the after-after-life. So and so forth

photo credit: kosmolaut via photopin cc



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