The essence of criteria

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What is the essential non-sense that creates the logical inconsistency of criterion.

We have a million paths to follow with dandelions floating on river beds. A million data points crunching in an old fashioned 1980s computer. We are essentially broken individuals in a lifeless path of ecstasy and panorama. A mountain lake that eases into itself while sustaining a school of wonderless fishes blue black and blind. A regular 9-5 with no job, no house and no income. A plausible ice0cream vendor with a cycle on his mind while he rides on his one-two. A feeling of immense confusion and perplexities without which we wouldn’t have heart, pain, love and wonder. A wonder that makes you believe in the impossible in be leave.

A wildlife cemetery with pigeons as carrier rigids. A deaf leopard that catches onto its prey by closing its eyes and imagining its lifeline around itself.

What is the criteria for your essence of life?


photo credit: <a href=””>karen horton</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>




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