Why even after Nirvana, thoughts will occur

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Taking the theoretical perspective that you do attain nirvana, and you have three choices at that point –

A) Leave this universe and go to where humanity is really from (a cosmic or astral plane)

B) Stay without going to those planes and help others attain nirvana

C) Reach the ultimate plane of existence and then come back and stay to help other people

Option (C) seems to be the most logical answer if you are a compassionate and meaningful person. However, (C) implies that you need to travel to those planes and then come back to talk about it. But how does someone do that? How does someone describe the indescribable? Considering the fact that these planes are nothing like the universe we live in – how does one describe it in English?

Or else, if these planes are something that can be described using metaphors and examples found on earth, then are these planes really something to attain? As these planes would simply have rules and laws that are similar to planet earth. I.e. if we were all floating and flying like angels at the speed of 20Kms/hr, didn’t need to eat food, and never killed or hunted other beings, and knew everything we needed to know about everything. This implies that we can’t fly at 21kms/hr, ate only vegetarian food, and didn’t have any more questions left. These are rules and limitations similar to how live on earth. Hence, if this universe doesnt make sense because of the immense number of dilemmas and hypocrisies, then how will an astral or causal plan justify itself?

Hence option B) staying without leaving makes the most amount of logical sense. This implies that going to other locations or existences or consciousness is not required. If you can understand everything from a theoretical and practical perspective then you have attained Nirvana. Whatever nirvana is supposed to be.

Hence, if you are an option B) or a Buddha, then theoretically you shouldn’t have any more questions left in the mind – right?


You would still have all questions in your mind, and you would also have their answers. That is the true nature of being someone that is everyone and everything.

You now have the skills to tackle any question and answer it. If you were to have no questions in your mind, then how else would you help others?

Hence, someone with Nirvana wouldn’t have mental peace forever. They would have the choice to be at mental peace (when they realize that all problems are meaningless) or at mental disruption (when they put themselves in the shoes of someone who’s stuck with a question in their mind)

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