Everlasting love

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What moves her to be one with my own self. What moves him to be ceived by his own selfness, and combine into her own to become an “us”. What moves and shakes, what grooves and bakes, what moves and makes, and what prepares and breaks?

Why love another and become love as an example of love to showcase to other loves?

When is it different from everything and selfish enough to become exclusive. What is this life thing, that everyone in love thing, loves to talk about?

I often wonder at my own deceptions, the ones that are told, and the ones that are cold to my own. Love is a deception? Could it be that every few only experience love and the rest are lotten fucked. There isn’t a more selfish man than I, who didn’t perceive her wish, and there wasn’t a selfish deed that I ever once did. What makes me madness, and madness in love and lust. What passion drives me to be unique and be beneath her very essence thrust?

What belief is this? What love is this? What sense is this? and what I is this? I love her, and I am loved by herself.

But wait, there’s no more. No more violence, no more guns, no more selfishness, no more worth. No more anger, no more hurt, no more patience, no more thirst, is love all that we need?

Love, the greatest force known to mankind to create massive worldwide change. Even more than wars and gang-violence, love is that one thing that can connect even the darkest forces with light.

But alas, love does have its insides out, and its decisions spark a million mind-frames to revolt in condition. One should love their leader? Or love their families? Or their superiors and inferiors? Or even their crocodiles? How does one love another, especially in start beauty and love?

Beware of the things that bite and shine at the same time, ” said one person. As another mentioned to us the idea and abuse of loveless love. Being difficult and different between loves and beneath loves. Being it. And being it other, all at the same time.

Once, love is differentiated from the feeling of love and the emotion of love, it becomes slightly greater than what it’s supposed to be. We can feel it and we can also not feel it at the same time. We can spend a million bucks on being passively in love with the universe and building things that we can buy and buying things that we can build.

We can also define lovers as ones that love us till we die, and with whom we can create deep bonds of unending self-love.

But inherently what is love and why do we care so much about defining it to a ‘T”?

Its because we love our lovers and we also don’t love them sometimes. Which creates dissonance in our minds. Do we love them forever while simultaneously, we create distance from them?

Eventually, anything can become love and everything can not be love. I.e. a puppy becomes love, but a rabid dog becomes not love. Hence, the same thing becomes love at age 7 months, and fear at age 7 years.

Love inherently is the one thing that makes us realize that we’re all one thing. When we come closer to someone or something, we feel it deep inside. We feel it because we are designed to fall into love with everyone and everything. Even a barking dog can create fear at one instant, but can change to love almost immediately if not in a few moments. Hence, there are multiple emotions that can occur in everyday life, but the eventual point or the final emotion beyond it all can become love.

Hence, love is something that is not very desirable, but exists almost everywhere in nature. Despite this, out of love we perform many actions that aren’t acceptable in the standard of love that we set upon ourselves. A bear cub can get eaten up by his mother, if there isnt enough food for the pack. Does it do that out of love for its baby or out of love for the pack? Who do you love more?

When you say “I love you” you imply meaningless play. You imply that the concept of love and the idea of love is extremely confusing and complex, but you’ feel it deep down certain times, and the times when it isn’t uniquely you, its fuddled by expectations of others.

Hence, the feeling of love is extremely natural and is abundant in everywhere and everything and only when you are yourself around another can love flow into and onto ourselves. But what is this being self? What is this being myself and yourself? Nothing.

Hence, to be loved, you can be nothing, and to love someone you don’t require a reason, no sound, no expectations of return, and no expectation of being the opposite of love, i.e. hate.

photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc



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