Is everyone spiritual, or is it only destined for a few?

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I think about this question often. And the ultimate realization that occurs is that, spiritual realization/nirvana/enlightenment doesn’t really matter. Nirvana is not the purpose of anyone’s existence. If it was, then rocks and pebbles, and people born with mental handicaps, wouldn’t have the ability to ponder about the nature of reality. Convincing a tiger, that the tiger needs to know something about his life – is next to impossible. Until eventually, we create a technology that can communicate with any animal, or object directly without language. But even then, we’d only be looking at 20 years worth of information as the purpose, and forgetting the other 10 billion years of nothingness. See, if we were all meant to become enlightened, then why be cavemen or bacteria or be babies or children? If the purpose is escape, then why have birth?

Hence, the conclusion is that everyone and everything is already  enlightened, and that we may as well continue on living in this world, because there are only two forms of universes or games –

A) Games that go on forever – which is Madness, and hence what’s the point of trying to escape or live-in a madness world

B) Games with an end – which makes sense, as we now can enjoy this life here, knowing fully well that we will eventually go back to where we came from.

Eitherway, implying the idea that only a hand-full of people can ever attain enlightenment is flawed, because anyone can be interested in anything, if the correct stimulus exists around her.

Then, is the idea that everyone being inclined towards spirituality true? – No. Because mobile phones, asteroids, and baby giraffes, don’t seem to ponder over their existence too much.

So which is it?


Which is it. Another duality. Another unknown that’s waiting to be explored. That’s the idea of the universe. Being full of unknowns and finding only a few answers. Hence, the strain that this question causes is pointless, and should only be looked at objectively. Because, even if it is true, then it shouldn’t bother you, and even if this question is false, it shouldn’t bother you.

Imagine a world full of enlightened people. How would that be? Would that be any fun? Knowing that you’re about to have nirvana and are going away from everyone and everything? I personally, would hate to leave the people I love back here, and escape. Wouldn’t you?

And thus, we reach that point in our thought process, where we find that even the desire to escape and attain nirvana is a desire created inside of you by the creator. Hence, this creates an illogical loop of thought. Because if my creator has given me the steps to escape this universe, then who’s giving my creator advise on escaping his/her own universe? This ideology then fades away, giving rise to mirrors reflecting mirrors.

Hence, the other opinion that God is all of us, playing the universe, makes sense. And, as discussed earlier, games have to have a logical end, otherwise its madness (in which case, its pointless to discuss things like escape and nirvana). When we wake up, we will all stop existing (according to this idea). And until then, we only need to continue onwards and try to have a little fun

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