How do I motivate myself to exercise?

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Convincing the mind that refuses to do something that’s beneficial to itself – now that’s a game worth thinking about. Like when you’re starving, and you don’t want to even move an inch from the couch. And when you’re sleepy, but can’t seem to put down your laptop, in fear of losing that sweet sweet release of the internet fuelled dopamine.

Who is it, I ask you, that doesn’t want to exercise? And who is it that thinks exercising would be ok? It is you. You’ve created a duality in your mind, that either nags you about things you should be doing, or forces you to not break your comfort zone. Thoughts in your mind, that sound like voices. But in the end, it is you! You, you, you. And if there’s one person in the corporation that has an idea to save the company, then shouldn’t his voice be heard? Or should the entity, as a whole, continue onwards with what it’s always been doing.

I’ve tried to hack into the way we exercise, and have tried to ignore doing it ever since I contemplated my own mortality. Like a duck sitting in a pond that heats up every few days, until it burns its feet and lands up in a hospital at 50 with a heart attack. Iv created my own personal formula that makes me confident in my ability to stick to exercising.

For every 10 meals, I’ll do 1 workout. Not a bad deal. I need to workout every 3 days.

But of course, I’ll end up forgetting this completely, and continue lazing on the couch. So how exactly do I find the real problem?

The real problem is that we consider exercise to be an activity that we can ignore. WRONG MOVE. We can’t ignore it. Ever.

The human body was meant to move around, to dance, to sway, to stretch, to relax, to be childish and climb trees and to play around and run free. Call it survival, call it yoga, call it weight lifting, you gotta move around. Exercise is as important as eating, sleeping, and breathing. The Hindus loved their yoga, the Buddhist their Tai Chi, and the communist with their long marches. Every group of people, no matter how ridiculous, have always emphasized on physical activity.

EXERCISE is equally as important as EATING. You have to do it, if you want to continue living a happy life. We ignore a few rules of the game, in hopes that we wouldn’t have to spend time doing the things we hate. Pretty soon, we’ll try to ignore sleep too, as we wouldn’t need that much of it – just like exercise, and we’ll end up in the hospital.

But why do we hate exercising? It is the -no returns on energy spent? Poor co-relation of the future gains with the past workouts? Or our own laziness, that refuses to make us move around.

Laziness is a state of mind where we only want to do a certain or a few things, and nothing else. We don’t move around from where we are, because we feel that the world outside can’t give us what we’re looking for. And we can only find that on the internet, or on TV. Entertainment, purpose, or even the meaning of life.

We’re lazy because we’re not allowed to be ourselves with other people. That’s all. Young children throw a fit, when they’re forced to go to school, because they’re not allowed to jump around and be kids. This leads to laziness at school, and laziness at home. All work and no play makes Jack a manic depressive.

When we truly are ourselves with other people, that’s when we won’t need excuses to avoid going outside. When we are truly ourselves – inquisitive, curious, playful and loving – that’s when we’ll be comfortable with doing the things we like doing. That’s when we’ll want to leave the house to do some exercising. That’s when we’ll start to step back and look at the game in totality.

And when that happens, there’s always going to be people better than you at everything that you do, and someone that’s going to judge you for being yourself. Do me a favour, say hello to them for me, and realize that they’re where you were 4 minutes ago.


photo credit: Arya Ziai via photopin cc



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