There exists pleasure inside all of u

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You and Us. Imagine this world. You (U) and (U)s. What happens when the you that youths is the opposite of the us that sags away. Our feet touch the ground but do we really think about what sound it makes? Only in silence, can you really imageine a better world for yourself. When the noise gets too much to handle, it becomes itself and it becomes a better part of who you are and where you want to be. What is it that makes you itch? What makes you happier in life? What makes you contempt. Now iv probably written hundreds of thought blurbs in the past about happiness, and it seems that i cant crack the case. Or that the hunger for happiness is the real reason why I need to ckeep writing about it. Is it me that hungers for happiness, or is it you that wants this thing that we call happiness? What is the overall benefit of happiness? We live longer and we enjoy the journey of life better.

But what is the purpose of this journey? What is the real reason behind why I should keep doing what it is, that I need to be doing. Why? Why not?

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