I have to explain everything to you – What a funny game

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Im even using words like “game” and “explain” to explain the concept of the universe as rationally seen by the eyes and ears. The same eyes and ears that see maybe 0.005% and hear maybe a little more than that. The observer observing the observations relies on probability.

It seems likely that the universe is a simulation, or that it seems likely that God isn’t watching us from above. These are assumptions that I take to explain the universe to you. Now ignore the fact, that I am right or wrong, but focus more on the fact that I (a single entity of blood and guts) explain this to others around me. Why me? Why one person? Why one teacher? Which makes me ask the question – does the universe even want to be awaken by my teachings? It seems highly unlikely. Because after billions of years of evolution and birth, we are now able to see the starts with science merely 50-60 years ago. That’s like taking a grain of sand and calling it 2015, and looking at the whole desert and calling it a universe. Therefore, it is likely that I know NOT everything. I have limitations. I don’t and can never claim to know even 99.999999….% of the universe because my eyes, ears, and mind can’t comprehend or even observe the universe. See, my brain was created in this confusing universe, my thoughts arise from this universe, and my thought-process arises from my upbringing, my experiences, and random luck. This Random-Luck is what scares me to bits, as this implies that I can’t keep a track of all my parameters (society, clouds, sun, star, music, art, lights, etc.). Which makes me a firm believer in the fact that we are mean’t to figure out a little bit, and have already figured out a little bit. It makes it a fun game, where we challenge ourselves to keep looking. And its a fun game for someone to explain ( or atleast try to explain) the workings of the universe from a philosophical perspective. Therefore, have pity on me for being able to provide value via information. Because I was chosen by random luck and I am constantly creating competitors (by sharing my knowledge with others). What a horrible business to be in.

But consider deeply the idea that I am alone in this as much as a carpenter or a record-artists is alone in his thoughts, as well as listens to the workings of the universe. E.g. a guitar salesman looks at the customer and says – “aha sir, you would benefit from an acoustic guitar with a reverb bender amplifier.” Similarly, I sense what your hang-up is and I solve it. That is all that I can claim to do. Beyond this, looking at any Guru, or Healer or Pandit, or Saint, is pure nonsense.

I mean, imagine a universe where you have people with “special abilities”. They still have to shit! Or even better – they still have to breathe. So they’re exactly like us, except they offer a service that can change ourlives in some way. Change it for what? What do you want to do with a changed life? – Nobody knows! Because nobody wants a 100% fixed future. People just want security, I just want to understand the game for what it is.

Now, think about it from this perspective. We are in a universe, with few guiding paths. But we are also given the essence of “curiosity”. What a funny game – we’re all curious about why we’re here. Why did God give that to us? I would much rather ask that question instead of asking “When will I speak to God?” Because speaking to God, will be a massive disappointment when He/She has no response that satisfies you.

photo credit: Ingebjørg Olene Askevold and Bernt Askevold via photopin (license)



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