Doing presentations to people

Emotions Fear Thoughts

That’s what we all do. We present ourselves to others, with our nice hair and our shiny shoes. We do that all the time. Some take it to next level. They become models. They make money. Others have no money, so they can do that. They are beggars. But even beggars know that the poorest and coolest people go together never. Therefore its a surprise when you see a really pretty child begging; you pay up. That’s the problem with “ultimate truths”. You can misuse them to no end. The ultimate truth, supposedly, is that people love good looking things. Now you can misuse that and sell products and services we don’t need.

Now here’s the catch. How can I speak about this matter objectively, when I’m trying to sell you my services as well. I can. And I can just like you can. Because I think from your perspective. What you want to hear and what you need to read. That’s all. So therefore, I am the most non-objective objective rationalist emotionalist around. See what I did there? I tricked you. I used another “ultimate truth”. Its called – mystery and mesmerisation. The PT Barnum Effect.

See the ultimate truth in what i’m saying? I’m not saying anything. I’m just beating around the bush. I’m presenting facts and figures in a way that best resonate with people. Is that good or bad? Well if you were an architect explaining this to a client, you would present the information in a layman terminology so that he/she understands and ultimately buys you.

Presentation is not bad. Sticking to it and saying – “I rely on presentation” is evil.

photo credit: API Demos at hackNY’s Spring 2012 Hackathon via photopin (license)



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