Feet and their purpose

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What is the purpose of your legs and feet? Just walking? Walking onward forever and ever and ever. Walking on until you find the recital, which is knowing that knowing is limited in the first place? Knowing something on and on, until realizing that knowing is only bound by your senses? You walk, you talk, and you swing and sound. You keep using your legs to take you places that sometimes you feel dragged towards, or you feel pushed away from. You walk towards your job but you run towards your love. Expectation and results keep you from kicking away at your love.

Keep following your heart until you leave footsteps on the beach and wait it out until you realize that life is that. That which is footsteps on the bed. You sleep in until you realize that there isn’t anything worth while doing. You sleep and sleep and sleep until you find challenges, and you face them. You find your doubters and your recipients. Your legs get tired and rewired.

You start walking, then running, then jumping, and then jogging. You go through multiple ways of being tick tock and running until the clock runs out of time for you. You keep on being away at yourself, and being stuck to your desk today and forever. If it lies explicitly, then it doesn’t behave itself in an environment that creates change for its mind. Man Dinosaur Singluar Atom, and then you give up because your mind can only get till there. Why not have a theory of why you have it, and then use your legs to answer questions forever and ever and ever. Would you like to live like that?

Would that be a good life? Or would you want to do things that you desire to do and have fun in this universe?


photo credit: smith_cl9 via photopin cc



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