How to find motivation to do something

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Step – 1: Wait until the moment is just right. That moment when you’ll feel like doing something

Step – 2: When you feel like doing it, Do it.

That’s it.

You already know that its that easy, and that you just have to wait until the moment is just right. Otherwise you’re going against yourself. But wait a minute, if eventually you’re gonna do that thing you were supposed to do anyways, then is it possible to just hurry up and do it anyway? Yes.

But the deeper question is – is what you’re doing the thing that you really wanna do?

What do you wanna do? Do that. And everything else will fall in place.

See, the human mind has a great capacity to survive, and if you only faced fears and did whatever you felt like doing – the mind figures out a way to take care of itself.

No body dies from failure, but dying everyday because you didn’t try it – is a waste of humanity.

We need you. I need you.

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