Finding Balance

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This is of course a non-sense proposition, because balance forever implies that you have figured everything out and you see through all thoughts and their immediate demise.

See the journey starts like this – sometimes you feel rough, and you decide to ignore your emotions. You say – “I need balance in life”. This is when you decide that you don’t want to be swayed by your emotions. Then, you explain to yourself that you only want to have happiness and peace in your life, and don’t want sadness or frustration. But then you’re limiting the true experience of life, and all that it has. Any thoughts or emotions proceeding this are influenced and biased by your strong desire to ignore or stay away from sadness. But you see, this shying away from sadness or fear was given onto you by the creator. Now, why should you waste your time trying to defend yourself against these emotions?


But ofcourse, in the heat of the moment, you listen to yourself and realize that you aren’t someone or something that you used to be before. And you crave to become balanced like your previous self. You want to go back into that phase where you were calm and relaxed, and not be anxious anymore. Nonsense. It is this constant pursuit of sticking and clinging to one thing that makes us incredibly insane. It is a great thing to want to be balanced in life, but to expect it to happen forever is madness. We only have preferences in life; we rarely have choices set in stone.

But better still, instead of choosing to only be balanced, ask yourself why. Why do you want to be balanced? Is it to stay in a state of mind where you are no one and no thing. Ask yourself, “what’s the end-game for this balance?”. Where does it start and end? When will it become still, until?


The answer is ofcourse never. Never will there be a time, where people asked for forgiveness from themselves. See when you do that, you are elated. You forgive yourself for being imbalanced. You learn that, in order to live and enjoy life you must experience all aspects of life – anger, frustration, ego, happiness, sorrow, empathy, etc. Everything must become a part of your experience in order to be balanced.

Therefore, in order to master your senses or emotions, you must realize that you can’t master any of them, and thus must be along with them when necessary. Picking one, when its convenient, and picking another when its necessary. Now sometimes you’ll be led astray, and you realize that you’re only picking one emotion over the other and that is all.


photo credit: Good Luck by Falling via photopin (license)

photo credit: Monk talking with Ducks via photopin (license)


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