Finding a Dragon & Slaying it

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Finding your dragon, and slaying it are two very different things. When you find your challenge in life, you accept it. You can either choose to disintegrate and melt like a puppet with no strings, or you can be free in your endeavor and reach out to those that can aid. You can’t do everything by yourself, and its better to slay a dragon with others, rather than by yourself. If you don’t want to slay it, but instead want to understand it better, you enter in the domain of philosophy. You don’t stop the problem, but you figure out the scales on the dragon’s back and determine its history. Once you find a pattern, you can announce its Origin and solve it instantly. Be that. Understand your dragon, instead of jumping guns to slay it instantly. Become a biologist that studies, instead of a swordsman that only slays.

Now, if you do find that one-thing that you want to do in life, or a challenge that you would like to solve, you must think it through. Is this going to make me money, ¬†or is this a passion project? Because as long as you are doing things you like, or even liking what you are doing – you are gold. A McDonald’s cashier can enjoy her work just as much as a physicist does, because there are always going to be challenges in life to understand, conquer, and love. If you enjoy the people around you, you are in heaven. If the people enjoy you back, you are in a loving society.

Now, sometimes you feel disconnected from your society, your workplace, and your family. At that point, it is important to give up the desire to know yourself as the ego. It is understood that you are the universe (So-hum). You are everything, and like a child does, you can play different roles in life all throughout life. That is what a comic teaches us, or a joker does, when he dances around and makes fun of the king. We can all be everything, just as well as we become something.

Take a micro-biologist, and place him in the shoes of an architect. It may take years, but he will pick it up. Now go backwards in time, and give that microbiologist the same parents as that of the architect. Now, give him the same friends, the same school, the same experiences and the same appearance of the architect. Now whats the difference between the two? Nothing. If that’s true, then what exactly was the architect to begin with? Just a micro-biologist who’s not in his shoes.



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