The flawed concept of a Guru

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The idea of a Guru is that he or she helps you out of suffering and shows you a better way towards nirvana. But the idea of a guru, implies the existence of a flawed person, which is you. The suffering found in man, is only an undesirable quality because man chooses it to be so. For a guru to exist, there must be a disciple. And how sustainable is that in the long-run? A guru forever playing the role of a guru, and a hidden boddhisattva pretending to be a student. If we’re all one, then how exactly do you suppose that there can be this stark distinction between someone that is at a higher plane of consciousness than you?

The flip-side is that, look at the silliness of this game. Its like going to a carpenter when you need a new table, or going to a doctor when you have a broken nose, you go to a guru if you have something to gain or fix. But you see, the Guru is only playing a role. He sees suffering and offers to fix it. Ultimately its the Guru’s job to make the disciples realize that the Guru is not needed in the first place. At all. Everyone is perfect the way they are, because those are the cards they were dealt, and doing radical change to their current brain structure would require a lot of energy that’s gone to waste.

Radical change in individual, whether thru intervention, or medical treatment is considered final, until the patient relapses into old habits. Instead of the patient realizing that his habits are part of the bigger universe as a whole, he would constantly relapse over and over again. Like a puddle that considers itself muddy, by the very idea that someone might step on it.

See, that’s it. A guru sees that and is more like a commentator of the big match of life. He doesn’t offer to influence, persuade, or deceive the student in any way. He only comments on the condition of the sufferer, and doesn’t offer a ready solution. Because when someone gives you a way-out of a problem, you become lazy and want that person to help you out with their other problems. Until, you find that you’ve spent months with one person and have solved nothing. That’s where the hierarchy of gurus started from. A better way to disseminate information to the masses, is to get it done via your Chelas (or pupils). Hence, like verbatim, the students of the master will vomit out the information as is. And that is how we get religion.

That’s why whenever you spot a teacher that provides you with information, you must see his love for the subject. If he appears to quote lines from old texts and broken school of thoughts, you finally realize that the Guru is trapped in his role of being a Guru.

Because a Guru’s profession is defined by a Pupil’s oppression. If the pupil is free to roam around and is not looked down upon as a mortal while the Guru considers himself as a god, then that’s a better way of entering the Guru-Pupil game. Because you see, in the end, Gurus and Pupils are one and the same thing, and the very idea of a guru is a flawed concept only until you realize that you don’t need to guru in the first place.

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