Found it?

Dream Feed

Have you found it? Found what you’re looking for? The thing. The one thing that you have wanted to seek for years and years. Whether its love, or money, or sex, or appreciation. Have you found it yet? What did you learn from attaining it? What did you get from expecting to receive these things? Have you attained the lifelessness of it yet? Have you become it yet? Outcomplicating itself and being obsessed with it until you couldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. You have it already. You want happiness? You have it. You want sadness. You can switch your mind and get it. You want appreciation, give appreciation to others. Its so simple.

But see, we don’t want what we want. We want to experience the issues behind not receiving it. We want to explore why we react to things when we don’t receive them. We want what’s best for the whole world. Us. We want us. We want to be us, again. We want to experience the whole spectrum of us. We want to itch and scratch until we receive us from us. Until we are delivered from us, twice.

Well, well, well, what do we do now? Should we fade away or shine through? Should we think twice before being sad – forever and ever and ever? Or should we do something that’s bigger and greater?

What have you found and why haven’t you found it yet?

photo credit: greybeard39 via photopin cc



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