Fox goes the weasel

Dream Feed

That’s it. Breathe out. Its over now. You can let go of all your pre-conceived notions of reality and yourself. You can take it easier now, knowing fully well of your death being close at hand. You can breathe.

Now that breathing is fulfilled, what next?

What makes you itch?

What moves your soul? Or did you sell it to the old wise man up the mountain, for a few pennies off a shilling.

Where is the demise of the young prince in the cult worshipping neighbourland.

Where is the nonsense in your life. Find it. Find the jokes, find the love, find the fun in life.

After all. Life is you, and you are a part of this everyday experience as is everything else.

You could be God, for all you know

photo credit: Property#1 via photopin cc



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