What do you do when life is pain

Dream Feed

Like a maerry-go-round, you come into this world and try to break free from the bounds lytical. Literally your heart pounds through your chest cavity and beats into itself. Like the universe that beats a brumfeld of itself into its own rounds on the follower thingds. Hene, there isnt a hene in a world full of ences. A Hence on the fence is someone that doesnt really know what hes certain of.

When there is no certainity in this universe why be afraid of everything?

Or are you simply performing a mental experiment to see how much you can control your fears and pains.

No no no. Neither of the adobe is me. Me is fine, and I is mine. Clutching to ego like pineapple pie. Cant eat it like apple pie, it only pokes you on the way down your throat.




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