What do you get from going deeper inside your mind?

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What next? You go deeper or you come out of it. So what can be accomplished from this? Scenery and rivers. We will go down together and come out of it like friends. When we decide to play ourselves through, she will help us out from itself. But who is this she that will guide us out, or will make us become ourselves? What will become of us? What will we do inside our minds? Single issues will be kept out of appeals, and single opinions will keep us serene.

How deep can you go inside the mind? What happens when you keep going on and on with your thoughts? What will go inside then? What will make you believe in yourself?

So you start off by thinking a thought, or a thought engulfs you internally. Then what proceeds is a long journey of going deeper and deeper inside your thought process. You go from thought to thought, and create theories on top of theories, until something happens and suddenly you snap out of it. Here’s what happens. You find one piece of information consciously or unconsciously, and then you build a story. A tall building of 20 stories. You say you love XYZ, or you should be like ABC, or you want to achieve 123. Until you accept a certain view point that is found to negate XYZ. Now your thought-building falls down. You start over again, thinking this time it’ll be different. Now what you have done is a classic thought journey that takes you places that you may have already gone through, or places you didn’t think were true. Now you’ve gone too deep, or you haven’t deep enough.

Take a minute and think about what you’re doing next. What’s the end game of all this? What will become if you continue downwards in a spiral? Will it become itself or will it clean itself out.

Its about fun. You’re having fun in this game. Go deeper into this game and see what fun it can become.

But sooner or later you’ll realize that the ultimate reality is that of silence. The silence that comes after you accept the noise. The noise inside your mind. Bliss. Bliss is the end of all.

photo credit: Kevin McShane via photopin cc



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