How to get rid of distractions

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By simply putting a label of “distraction” on something that catches your eye. When you continue doing that over n over again, you’ll realize that you enter “THE-ZONE”. And in this zone, you’ll be able to get through the work day and become super-productive. You’ll work hard and be able to relax even more when you know you’ve gotten stuff done during the day.

Second rule, is to learn to say NO to things in life. This only applies to your work and not to relationships or doodling around. When it comes to getting something done by a certain deadline, learn to say NO to the things that are not important. You’ll feel so much happier when you’ve completed what you needed to complete.

Now, you can try to do whatever you feel like doing, and can be on the journey to following your instincts and doing whatever comes to mind, but you’ll realize that you’ll simply be hunting for information (on FB, YouTube, 9gag), instead of actually getting work done.

Keep in mind though, its not a question of whether or not you’ve found your passion in life or not. Its all about finding passion in your work, which could be any work. Anything. Now you can breathe out – because there are no wrong choices when you can become passionate about any and everything in the world.

photo credit: smileham via photopin cc



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