Into the mild – or how to eradicate your laziness

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Where is it? Where is the thing that was inside of you, burning to escape? Where is it? Find it. Today, or tomorrow when you wake up in the morning. That’s how it is, no? – Ill do it tomorrow. šŸ™

So lets end this then. What is the root cause of laziness? – Anybody?

It is silence. Silence that arises from not expressing oneself. Silence that dumbs-down all the noises in your mind waiting to escape.

Self-expression leads to clarity in thought, which leads to honesty, which leads to understanding what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. That is all.

Laziness comes in all forms and sizes. It comes in yellows (when you’re tired), brown (when you’re exhausted), blue (when you’re blue), and brown (when your frown is upside down). See, what happens? Laziness has many faces but they are all the same. Lazy is as lazy does.

We might be actually deficient. We may need exercise or salads or a good nights sleep or just plain ol’ happiness. That might be the cause of our laziness.

But you know the one thing that actually works to cureĀ laziness? What actually works when your mind has shot 30 steps ahead of you, when you told yourself that you can’t do it. Your mind is a like a dog that just runs and runs. And nowĀ you have to work backwards and figure out where you trapped yourself. :O

Now the secret sauce – How to get rid of your laziness –

Its simple.


Don’t get rid of your laziness. Your laziness is a strong indicator of where you are right now, and what patterns have formed in your mind.

Work with it and proceed further. Your body is an army, with your brain being the general. The general gets information about the environment and about your past memoriesĀ – and has to take a call. When you’re lazy, you aren’t able to take a call. Go out of this thinking, and ask yourself – what assumption has guided me to think like this? What is the thing that is making me fearful of taking any action – hence being lazy? What made me this? Then you realize the false assumptions that you are hell-bound in sticking to.

A student refuses to attend her lectures, because her underlying assumption is that education should be interest-based and not about memorizing and vomiting. Therefore, she can’t participate in the Indian education system – which is (or was) all about memorizing. Thus she is at a critical dilemma and can’t proceed further. She now gets lazy as she doesn’t want to think about the matter at hand and just ignore it.

Certain times, you get stuck in figuring out why you’re lazy. Thus, you become stuck to laziness – in order to figure out why you’re lazy. Its a philosopher’s dilemma :D. A way of thinking again and again, until you can’t figure out yourself from your own experiment.

Underlying all of this – go along with your laziness and do whatever you intendĀ to do. Don’t let it weigh you down. Its simple –

A) Conflict arises in your mind -> B) You avoid or ignore it -> C) You jump to a conclusion -> D) You change your version of your initial thought or you mask it-> E) You lie to yourself -> F) You don’t know who you are anymore -> G) You become insecure, unsure, tired and lazy.

Now you’re at G (theoretically). How will you get back to A?

Don’t. Don’t get back to A. Just go along with it. Go with boredom as your pal. But still do whatever you want to do. Because any theory in your mind, must include all thoughts and all emotions and all experiences. You can’t block anything from your mind as your mind will become like an old rag. Now walk. Walk with your thoughts and walk ahead. When you quit walking, you’re lying to yourself and you feel worse about it now than you will two years from now.

Now if you’re interested in philosophy, you’ll try to get to A from G. You’ll learn more about the human mind and why it functions like that.

But if you’re a true philosopher, you’ll soon realize that you don’t need to solve the path to A. Because a million games can arise from the human mind. If a philosopher or even a regular human being tries to solve all of them (in an attempt to help others with your theory of the universe) you’ll grow old and unhappy. Now imagine a whole world that is unhappy. – Sucks doesn’t it. No variance and no bounce.

When there’s no bounce, the kitty gets bored.

Now read the last line very carefully, because it summarizes everything I have said above. šŸ˜€

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